28 February 2017

Marco Simoncelli - Great Motorbike Racer

30th anniversary of the birth of Marco Simoncelli

Date of Issue : 7 March 2017

San Marino Post will issue a commemorative stamp featuring great motorbike racer Marco Simoncelli on 7th March 2017.He is a hero for all  bike lovers. Marco Simoncelli would have turned 30 on the 20th January 2017. Fate precluded him this milestone in his life on the 23rd October 2011 in Sepang, Malesia. After five years his memory lives on in the hearts and minds of many fans. San Marino, State near to his town Coriano and to the Romagna motorvalley, dedicated to Marco a philatelic set made up of a value of €2.00 with his nice portrait, while the strip on the left of the sheet shows the rider doing a wheelie on his motobike in Brno and his racing number “58”.

Marco Simoncelli was an Italian professional motorcycle racer. He competed in the MotoGP World Championship for 10 years from 2002 to 2011. He started in the 125cc class before moving up to the 250cc class in 2006. He won the 250cc World Championship with Gilera in 2008. After four years in the intermediate class, he stepped up to the MotoGP class with the Honda Gresini Team. Simoncelli died in an accident during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang on 23 October 2011 after being run over following his own fall on track.

27 February 2017

Huelva - Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2017

Date of Issue : 20 January 2017

Here is a beautiful stamp issued by Spanish Post featuring famous Spanish Cuisine. As in previous years, a province of Spain has been chosen as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy during 2017. This year, Huelva has been selected.

For the first time a coastal province has been chosen. The jury has recognized the cuisine of the sea, all those products that every morning arrive in boats to the market where they are selected to become exquisite dishes.

It is worth to mention about white shrimp, coquinas and puntillitas, or cuttlefish, a select ingredient to prepare dishes such as meatballs.But Huelva is not only sea, also, its products of interior like the ham of Jabugo, the slaughterings of the Mountain range of Aracena; Also the famous strawberries known in the whole world.

The vegetable garden offers us typical dishes like chickpeas with spinach, beans "enzapatás" or the game dishes and mushrooms of the area as the gurumelos. But not everything is to eat, Huelva also has wines worthy of mention as the Orange Wine of the County of Huelva that owns the Denomination of Origin.

The pastries also give  irresistible recipes such as chestnut stew, "pulleys" or snowy eggs.
The stamp includes the image of the logo of Huelva Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2017, which forms a fan with some of the typical products of the place: choco, ham, strawberries, prawns and wine. On a white background, these products take all the protagonism on a trace of black ink, sepia, that always gives a touch of elegance to the dishes.

26 February 2017

GOPEX - 2017 , Gorakhpur

Gopex-2017, a district level philatelic exhibition was  inaugurated on 25 February 2017  at Meghdoot Parisar, Head Post Office, Gorakhpur. PMG Sanjay Singh, Shri.Dinesh Sharma Member Jury, Sri.D.B.Tripathi, SSP,Gorakhpur and Dr. Rungata released a Special cover on Pt Ram Prasad Bismil.

-Sandeep Chaurasia

Ashwani Dubey exhibited his collection "World Scout Movement"   in Invitee section, receiving Momento .

  Shri OP Verma, Dinesh Sharma (Jury Members) and Ashwani Dubey

Mr Sandeep Chaurasia won  Gold Medal and Best Exhibit Award  for his exhibit Human,Health & Diseases. Sri.Sanjay Singh,PMG,Sri.B.D.Tripathi,SSP,Sri.Dinesh Sharma Member Jury,Sri.O.P.Verma Member Jury & Sri. Rameshchandra Prajapati Incharge, Philately Bureau ,Lucknow distributed the awards.

24 February 2017

New Stamps from India...Ladybird Beetle

Ladybird Beetle

Date of Issue : 23 February 2017

 Image source - Stamps of India

India Post released a set of four stamps and a Miniature sheet featuring Ladybird Beetles on 23 rd February 2017.

23 February 2017

200th anniversary of the bicycle

Date of Issue : 23 February 2017

Here is a beautiful set of stamps and sheetlet issued by Swiss Post today commemorating  200 years of Bicycle. The sheetlet is quite unique in the shape of a bicycle.

Bicycles are very popular in Switzerland, a haven for cyclists. German inventor Karl Drais from Baden must have caused quite a sensation on 12 June 1817 as he rode through Mannheim on his self-constructed “running machine” at around three times the speed of walking.

Patented under the name “draisine”, this new means of transport was soon forgotten, but not the idea behind it: The invention of pedals in 1866 soon led to the development of the high wheel or penny-farthing, which proved quite dangerous and was immediately banned in many places. It wasn’t until the introduction of the rear wheel chain drive in the 1880s that the modern bicycle took off.

Today the bicycle is seen as an efficient and highly ecological means of transport that enhances the quality of life. It doesn’t create exhaust or noise emissions and only takes up a few square metres of parking space. Swiss Post is also very much pro bicycles on account of their good sustainability qualities. The company encourages its employees to cycle to work and provides e-bikes free of charge. Consciously printed in black-and-white, the two special stamps both show the draisine and a modern bicycle. One stamp has the former in the foreground, the other the latter.

22 February 2017

My Recent Covers..

Greetings from Finland

Thanks Kristina for the lovely Greetings and this wonderful pre-stamped postcard. !! Wishing you all the best . Have a wonderful year ahead. I always wait for your email / postal address. So that I can personally thank you but you never mention your address on your letters, Please let me know your postal address.

Cover from Chauri Chaura, Uttar Pradesh

Thanks to Ashwani Dubey for this registered cover from Chauri Chaura.
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